Novato Teens Drink More Than Peers Nationwide

View the following statistics on how Novato compares to the rest of the nation.

Underage and teen binge drinking rates in Marin exceed the State and National averages. So do the rates of adult alcohol use and binge drinking. Did you know that the majority of teen drinking occurs in private homes at ?house parties?? and that friends and family members are the most common sources of alcohol for youth? One of the reasons that the rates for young people are so high is that teens are mirroring the example set by adults around them. Often times the problem of teen binge drinking and partying can seem too big or difficult to solve. Sometimes, as parents, we feel like we are trying to solve the problem alone. On top of all that ? we want to talk with our teens and their friends about the issues ? but we don?t know what to say. So, what?s a parent to do?
—Gary Najarian,¬†¬†Marin County resident, previously with Marin County Alcohol and Drug Services and the Prevention Hub


Given the alarming rates of underage and binge drinking, the best thing that parents can do is learn about alcohol?s effect on the teen brain and talk to their kids about their expectations.