About Us

The goal of the Healthy Novato Project is to reduce underage drinking by creating school and community environments that make it easy for young people to be healthy and successful.

This website is the place for YOU to get more information on the risks of underage drinking, what your role is in your community, & how you can get involved and act towards making a difference! Each of us has a role as a parent, caregiver, youth, teacher, coach, businessperson, and resident to transform the culture of underage drinking in Novato. Healthy Novato was started by a group of local leaders to reduce underage drinking among the youth of Novato. We bring together different groups to work collectively on the issue of underage drinking. Over the past year we have helped coordinate several programs and partnered with the Novato Blue Ribbon Coalition For Youth. We are now in the process of adopting collective goals and aligned definitions of success. We are eager to engage new partners, including nonprofits, public agencies, businesses, educators, and community members. Take the time to get familiar with our website and check back to get the most updated information on what is happening in Novato and how you can get involved. Click on each of our partners’ links below to find out more about them and how you can get involved with their efforts! For more information about Healthy Novato contact Jeannette Longtin, Senior Director, at 415.596.3092 or jlongtin@novatoyouthcenter.org. Healthy Novato’s efforts are made possible through the generous support of the Peter E. Haas Jr. Family Fund and the Marin Community Foundation.

Funded Programs


Berta Campos-Anicetti of the Novato Youth Center leads the Promotores Program.

  • This program is an outcome-based, culturally competent program
  • Promotores help raise awareness around the risks around underage drinking and social determinants of health in the Latino community
  • Through the Promotores Program, the Latino community will be specifically outreached to become a part of the solution around underage drinking

For more info contact Berta at bcampos@novatoyouthcenter.org or 415.892.1643 ext.227.

School-Based Prevention

The School-Based Prevention Coordinator coordinates school-based youth substance abuse prevention efforts throughout NUSD. Contact Corinne Muelrath, NUSD School-Based Prevention Coordinator, at 415.798.5327 or CMUELRATH@nusd.org for more information.

Partner Projects

Peer Court/Restorative Justice

The Marin County YMCA Youth Court works closely with school administration & students to implement a suspension diversion program at the middle & high schools which utilizes a restorative approach. Students involved will:

  • Learn about restorative justice
  • Be empowered to help peers make positive choices
  • Increase their positive connections with school and other youth
  • Build skills through leadership development

For more info contact Don Carney at DCarney@ymcasf.org or 415-459-9622.

Novato Blue Ribbon Coalition for Youth

The Novato Blue Ribbon Coalition for Youth is an active group of community members and agencies advocating for community-level changes and policies to reduce underage drinking, youth marijuana use, and bullying. Some of their committees are dedicated to:

  • Reducing youth access to alcohol and marijuana through social contacts
  • Reducing youth access to alcohol and marijuana through retail sites
  • Reducing bullying

Please visit www.novatoblueribbon.org or contact Brittany Judd, Coalition Coordinator, at 415.798.5329 or brittany@novatoblueribbon.org for more information.