Count Me In! fights underage drinking in Novato. By taking the pledge, you join other families helping teens grow up healthier and safer.

You can be the change – take action!

What To Do #1

Youth Do not provide alcohol to minors or allow minors to drink in your home.

What To Do #2

Healthy Novato Leaders Ask other caring adults in your children’s lives to pledge to stop underage drinking.

What To Do #3

Youth Actively supervise all gatherings of youth in your home or on your property.

What To Do #4

Talk with other Novato parents about reducing the risks of underage drinking.

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Everyone who cares about the hopes and health of a Novato teenager has a role in transforming the culture of underage drinking in Novato. This website has important information for parents and a way for parents and other caring adults who live or work in Novato to commit to action through a pledge. It’s also a great resource for people looking for facts on how underage drinking harms our teens and town and what they can do to about it. Discover what you can do to make a difference as a family member, youth, teacher, coach, businessperson, local official, or community member by clicking on Learn About Healthy Novato. Keep checking this website for new resources and opportunities to take action. Body weight might search as a very easy and fast affair nonetheless believe me once the weight is accumulated and a person gets a glance of an heavy, it's never easy to shed the feeling of being a strong overweight knowning that extra pounds at a body. Most of the people who are overweighed are not for the reason that want to be a strong overweight person but as a consequence of there dysphemistic lifestyle. These products don't have the required time to have a good look on the way to them.

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